Hundreds of Testimonials and Counting!

Very good service We had fire ants and so did are neighbor we went in halves and had a couple of treatments done and we are ant free as of now. (Big Smiley) . It has to be done so lets eliminate them.

David Washburn

July 11, 2021

Hope Remains Ranch has been utilizing The Fire Ant Man for several years and we are exceptionally pleased with the results. We have 27 acres and 15 horses, along with children and adults who walk or run all over our property and it's critical to keep our grounds fire ant free! If we've ever had a problem, they have come back out and addressed the issue right away. Thank you for keeping us FIRE ANT FREE!!

Pam Benedict

July 10, 2021

Have used since 2011. NO MORE FIREANTS!!!! My neighbor uses a different service, and she had 13 mounds last year. They come back to re-treat your land, but when you own horses you don’t want any mounds. I have peace of mind using All Natural Pest Elimination 👍🏻


July 10, 2021

We have been using The Fire Ant Man for 5 years now, and could not be happier. Their treatment is safe and EFFECTIVE! We typically treat twice a year, and have not seen a single fire ant since they started treating. We finally decided to give them a try when the mounds were several feet wide, and more like small hills than ant mounds, and none of the treatments from hardware stores worked. We saw a drastic improvement after the first treatment, and have been fire ant free since the 2nd. We recommend them to everyone!

Nikki C

July 9, 2021

Have lived here for 25 years and have tried everything I could fine to get rid of the Fire Ants. Some worked but they came right back. I got your company name from my neighbor and gave it a call, within two weeks the Fire Ants were gone. I will call again this fall for more applications. Thanks Walt Smith 2271 Oak Park Rd.

Walt Smith

July 9, 2021

I was relieved to find a product that was safe for my horses and dog and cat. They could all go out in the treated areas immediately after application. The service was very quick and professional and best of all the fire ant mounds are inactive. I will definitely use their service again and recommend them highly.

Debra Gregory

July 8, 2021

This is an amazing service ! Absolutely no fire ants on the property !

Gail Riley

July 8, 2021

We have tried everything to eliminate fire ants for years and with the expertise All Natural pest has - THEY ARE GONE - Thank you!!!


July 7, 2021

The Fire Ant Man and his staff a amazing. Very very professional. Comes when they say they will. Friendly office staff and it WORKS! Wish I had found him years ago.

Helen Gillick

July 7, 2021

I have been using the fireant man to treat my property for several years and I would highly recommend them to anybody. We have 20 acres of property, 10 of which is open land and there is not a firearm hill to be found. These folks are very friendly and always come when they say they will. Great company.

James Cox

July 7, 2021

Mark has been coming to my farm for the past two years. I have been very satisfied with his work. Best decision I ever made!! Definitely will recommend him to all my friends and family.

Aaron Rumley

July 6, 2021

Mark has been treating our horse farm for at least 10 years. We had mounds everywhere when he started and we haven’t had a single mound since we met him. He has a fast, efficient process and always keeps us on his list. We appreciate Mark and recommend his service.

Wayne and Mary Hager

July 6, 2021

We have used Mark for 20yrs. Our land is completely surrounded by untreated land and we have never had 1 fireant on our property since he started treating. Marks company is absolutely the best. Brad Charles

Brad Charles

July 6, 2021

I have known Mark and his company for at least 15 years. His service is the best, the products work, and my little dogs and horse do not have to worry. He is also one of the most generous, honest people I know - and that is a short list. Thank you Mark!

Claudia Coleman

July 6, 2021

The Fireant Man has been coming for years and our farm appreciates it!!! I'm thankful and grateful for the care he takes and the results are wonderful!


July 6, 2021

After battling the little red biting pests for 6 years, we called the Fire Ant Man & what a relief! Our horses can graze in peace & grandchildren can play in the grass. HIGHLY RECOMMEND fast & dependable 😃

Bob Oldham

July 6, 2021

We've been using The Fire Ant Man for years on our horse property in Union County, NC and have recommended him already many times over to neighbors and friends. His approach has completely eliminated fire ants from our pastures and yard, and the horses, dogs, cats and chickens are completely safe and happy even immediately after a treatment visit. No more painful bites or swollen and itchy feet! We highly recommend his services and will continue to use him for many years to come!

Martin & Alexandra

July 6, 2021

The Ant Man has been providing reliable, quality service for many years. We depend on his professionalism and expertise to keep our equestrian center safe for people and animals. Thank you!

Moss Creek Owners Association

July 5, 2021

Cannot say enough great things about Mark and his staff; I would recommend him to anyone! He has been treating our property for the last three years and several years with the previous owners. Our pastures are ant free and it's awesome to know that our dogs, cats, horses, and children are not at risk of any poisoning with the product. He has always taken the time to thoroughly explain the answers to any questions we have, as well as how the product works. He is truly an expert in his field and I wouldn't trust anyone else! Keep up the great work, Mark!

Anthony Debboli

July 4, 2021

With multiple playgrounds and a ball field fire ants have always been problematic. This has been a major concern with the hundreds of children we have on the property every day. About 11 years ago, we contracted with All Natural Pest Elimination. We have not seen a single fire ant since they begin treating our property. We are so thankful for their service.

Tabernacle Christian School of Monroe, NC

July 4, 2021

I have used The Fire Ant Man for over 10 years. The product does a fantastic job at eliminating all fire ants on the property. I have has neighbors and friends ask me for years, "Where are all your fire ants?" "How do you get rid of them?" I then tell them about Mark. It's always a pleasure doing business with them.

Tony Mangum

July 4, 2021

Mark has treated my property twice yearly for several years with amazing success. The ants are gone! Well worth the expense.

Kathryn Junger

July 3, 2021

Worth every penny! Easy, fast, safe, and effective. I'm a fan.


July 3, 2021

We have been using this company for several years! I can not say enough about their product, customer service and commitment to their clients. We are so happy we found them. We have no ants! My pastures look awesome. I always look forward to when they come for the treatments. This is one service I do not mind paying for. It is well worth it ! I would give 5 plus stars! Thank you so much for all you do! Deborah and Rodney Ashcraft

Deborah and Rodney Ashcraft

July 3, 2021

I can’t say enough good things about The Fire Ant Man! We recently bought a horse farm and a friend immediately said that the first thing we needed to do was call The Fire Ant Man. Well she was right! Our 27 acres were covered in fire ants. After 1 treatment we are fire ant free! My next door neighbor recently thanked me for whatever we did for fire ants because her yard is now free of the nasty pests. Thanks Fire Ant Man!


July 2, 2021