We Offer A Singular Service: Elimination of Fire Ants with cost-effective, bi-annual service for:

  • Horse Farms
  • Race Courses
  • Training Facilities
  • Polo Fields
  • Arenas
  • Quail Preserves
  • Game Fields
  • Sod Farms
  • Nurseries
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Recreational Areas

All Natural Pest Elimination Inc. was the first "green" pest control company in the Carolinas.   We specialize in large acreage treatment and count commercial race tracks and thoroughbred horse farms in our stable of clients.  

Other pest control companies do not understand fire ants as we do.  They employ a strategy of saturating your property with harsh, deadly poisons which kill not only fire ants but every other insect as well.  Insects are part of the natural balance of a healthy ecosystem.  Destroying them all is extremely short-sighted and deprives local wildlife and songbirds their food source.  This approach also highlights the ignorance of the very nature of fire ants – when attacked, fire ants enter a hyper-reproductive mode and in short order will be back stronger and more plentiful than before.  

We deal with these invaders in a more responsible manner.  Years of field study have provided us insight unavailable to those whose knowledge is based solely on classroom text books.  We have examined this enemy, literally, on our hands and knees, up close and personal.  We know to stop the fire ants one must do so in a way that keeps them ignorant of the threat until it is entirely too late.  Fire ants carry our attractive bait to their nests, store it, then feed it to their young as they mature.  The nest dies out before they realize there is a problem.  They never mobilize in response to our method as they do for a threat such as poison or direct assault on their nest because all they see is food.   The product we use is completely harmless for humans, wildlife, even other insects.  We have seen the results ourselves firsthand, repeatedly, over decades of dedicated service.  

While we will not share all of our trade secrets, we will be honored to put our expertise to work for you.  It is important to understand this process takes time.  Your fire ant problem will not disappear overnight.  It does take a few weeks for our method to produce results  Within 8 to 10 weeks of the first service, your property will be nearly fire ant free and there is no need to quarantine livestock, pets or children after we treat.  We developed our own proprietary GPS system and mounted it to our all-terrain vehicles used to spread the fire ant bait.  Our satellite-tracked progress reports (click here for examples of our reports) verify you have received full coverage and allows us to give you a detailed analysis of every square inch of your property we have treated.  We pride ourselves in a strong work ethic, honesty and transparency to our clients and a fair price for our labor and skill.  

Once we have returned your property to its rightful owner instead of this marauding insect, it is imperative we continue to maintain our services or your land will be re-infested.  We would love nothing more than to eradicate fire ants from the entire continental United States.  We know this is beyond our scope to accomplish.  Your neighbors have fire ants.  It is in the nature of fire ants to reproduce and multiply, forming new colonies and spreading every year.  We clear the threat from your property but without continuing treatment, the nests from adjoining lands will return.  Our maintenance program is designed to keep them from establishing a new foothold on your property.  

Not long ago a customer met us in her back yard after we had completed the season’s maintenance treatment.  She asked if I had noticed her shoes.  Slightly chagrined, I had to admit I had not.  She held up her foot to show off her new sandals.  “Do you know what this means?” she asked.  Before I could respond, she said, “I haven’t been able to wear open shoes on my own property for years because of those fire ants.  Now I can be out here barefoot and not give it a second thought.  I went out and bought several pairs of these in different colors!  Thank you so much.”  This is what makes our job worth it all.  

It thrills me to no end to be introduced by customers to their friends, co-workers and family simply as “my fire ant man.”  One call and you, too, will have a fire ant man and your property will be fire ant free.  Call today.


Mark A. Konish
All Natural Pest Elimination Inc.